Welcome to the boutique of Distinct Vision!

It is our pleasure to serve your eye care needs.

We love to compliment your style with exceptional eyewear to complete and enhance the lines of your face. Our eyewear consultants specialize in finding the glasses that make you feel delighted to be yourself. We often perform customized searches to find the perfect frame.

You will not find walls of glasses on racks, but instead eyewear that is displayed with style as individual as each hand-selected piece.  Many of our eyewear brands are from independent companies rather than big box vendors. This ensures that you receive a quality product instead of paying for a name.  Smaller labels don’t have licensing fees or brand markups – they rely on the quality of the frames and creativity of design to stand out.

Lens design is critical for the best possible vision.  We are not limited to one or two lens options like many optical outlets.  There are different lens materials, treatments and designs that are more suited to different prescriptions and lifestyle needs.  Our eyewear team works with multiple vendors to ensure that we always offer the latest lens technology.  Please schedule an appointment with one of our eyewear consultants for a thorough evaluation of your visual needs.  They will recommend the best lens options to give you the best vision for your individual visual demands.

Experience the difference.